Thursday, April 17, 2014

Become An Audience

Hay ! I wanna hug my blog first, since I missed this place very much.

Life's getting harder. Yeah, now I know that a peaceful life is only in imagination. It just a theory. LOL.
Every morning when I wake up I always curious, what will happen today. Ah nobody knows of course. In several point I feel tired enough, but it doesn't mean that I should stop. I just need to breathe and take a break for a while.
Talking about audience, surely all of us have ever become one of them. We've watched movie, game, etc. Do you know what the privilege in become an audience? To talk, to make any kind of comment. Yup, audience also become a free spectator. People too busy make comment, argue, compliment and insult without they know what happen behind the screen. How hard the process is. Or what truly happen. They believe with everything in front them.
Maybe not all of the audience act like that. The other choose to keep silent, to thinking or ignore it. The other choose to follow people opinion.
Being an audience is an easy things, maybe also fun. So, what kind of audience are you?

*I did presentation about my project this morning. And so many task waiting for me. For us.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Oh September !

I'm counting this month for a miracle, for every single kindness and happiness. That's all what everybody wish to happen, right?
Some people may stuck because they don't know what to do or what to choose. But the other stuck because they want to do  and also want to choose so many things.
I just wondering if I can grab this and that, not only this or that. :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ramadhan 1434 H : Day #16 Story About Two Sewing Machines

I'm not so surprising that Ramadhan always running so fast. We've already passed a half month of Ramadhan. What about my spiritual progress? Actually I'm not pretty sure about it :p Pleaseeeee don't be someone like me.

I have one very beautiful, great, amazing and cool story that was made by ....

So, this is a story about a woman that has two sewing machine. Those sewing machines are the best quality and technology from the factory even they have different types. Now, I will ask you first, what will you do with those sewing machines? Would you using them together in the same time? Or interchangeably? Or maybe using one of them and keep the other one? Yup, the woman also has several choice, then she decides to use only one, it's the A sewing machine and keep the other or B sewing machine. 

Everyday the woman using A sewing machine to help her makes clothes. The A sewing machines almost never gets a break. It is used day and night. What about the B sewing machines? It's still kept properly and cleaned occasionally but never used. 
Until one day the A machine was broken. And what happen with the B machine? When the woman intend to use the machine B is apparently corroded so it also can't be used. The woman cries, she feels sorry for herself. She suddenly realizes about her wrong choice and regret it. She feels like spent money for useless thing. Because the B machines has never been used at all. 

What kind of conclusion we can take from this? Often the things that we thought good, it was not really that good. We're often too fond of something, treat it too carefully and actually makes it less good. 

Happy fasting anyone!
My life circle's getting wrong again. ._.
Hope I can have my normal sleeping hour soon. :p

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ramadhan 1434 H : Day #4

Today people around the world hear a sad news, especially for those who loves Glee. Cory Monteith one of Glee cast who starring as Finn Hudson passed away. Monteith was found dead in his 21st-floor room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver at about noon after he missed his scheduled checkout time. Such a deep missing for everyone including me :(
Some celeb also tweets their deepest condolences. 

I'm still waiting while Lea Michele, Cory's girlfriend and partner in Glee said something in her twitter account. I'm really sure that she's very shocked as they will held their marriage two weeks later. There won't be a wedding party but a funeral :( Glee will never be same again without you Finn. You broke our heart.

This incident remind us again, nobody knows about age.
This life only a temporary one.  That's why we should fill it with useful things.

R.I.P Cory Monteith.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramadhan 1434 H : Day #1

Hello reader! Does anybody miss me? No? Ugh it's OK. Seems like it's only me who miss all of you :)))
Today I already pass the first day of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. Sooooo grateful because I was given chance to meet Ramadhan again :)
Although I  feel sad because the atmosphere is not really like Ramadan in the past. Also again, people keep fighting while determine when is the first date of fasting. -.- Oh My God, why can't they make a solution between two point of view. I can't understand the way they think.

As we already know that Ramadhan is a special month. This is a mercy months that full of forgiveness. So why not to take advantage as much as possible? It's time to reduce our sins and also it's time to improve our faith. I am not that kind of religious person but I try to do the right thing. :)

I think Ramadhan is a busy month even I'm not yet have a specific job. So many things waiting to be done. Such as prepare meal for Suhoor then prepare them again for Iftar. I recommended some activities that we can do during Ramadhan.
* visit mosque and pray in congregation
* spend some time for Dhikr
* reading holy Qur'an
* feeding the homeless
* donate our money, book and clothes
* make some achievement like memorizing Qur'an, Dua, or Hadeeth.
* and so on. (you can add other activities by yourself)

What about me? Uhm, I really busy at home. LOL. :p
Beside doing some household activities I also need much more time to do this and that.
Such as reading, playing, watching korea drama :D and joining contest :p
I want to be productive in this month. I wish I can be a better person after this holy month ;) Aaameen.
Let's worship with humility.
Wish I get a very good news soon :)

Happy fasting for all Moslem around the world. :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013 !

Heyyyho everyone. Send you all love & hug :)
Let me say Happy New Year to all of you.

Wish us a better year, better life.
Well, actually this year I am not too excited about making resolution.
I just want to work hard and play harder :p So many plan play in my mind.
Aaaaah I wish I can make many achievement this year.
Oh I also upload holiday calendar 2013 or jadwal libur tahun 2013 di Indonesia.
I hope this will be useful for us to arrange our plan. Especially holiday plan :D
Enjoy 2013. Let's start with smile and be thankful everyday.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Reach 23 Years Old

Dear myself,
Let's say thanks to God for every second that still given to me :)
Now I am 23 Years Old. Happy Birthday To Me.
Nothing special in this age, I just feel older. He he.
This year is really full of pressure birthday.
Can you imagine that everybody shout aloud to me, 'Hey when will you finish your theses (skripsi in Bahasa) ?" Or something like this "Oh, you're getting older but not yet graduate. Pity! Poor of you."
Uhm, I feel like I got cyber bullying. :p But thanks a bunch, I know everybody care to me. They concern with my theses. -..- Please everybody pray to me, it's almost finish anymore. I will make it soon. Bismillah.
Incoming Postcard

I think this is a different birthday. Everything changing since my last year birthday. My boyfriend getting busy with his work, my friends already has their own business, and yeaah I've passed so many things.
I know, that I must be more mature, must be a wise person, must be better, a kind and warm person.
This birthday is totally and totally rich with contemplation. First lesson that I should take is, I must being sincere in anything, in any matter. I must stop complaining when something happen out of my control. Even it would hurt me a lot :') God knows the best. Yup, every person has each own way, each own path of life, it won't same each other. Then, another thing that I must learn, when people treat you bad or different, just be patient. Always keep struggle, because it would make me stronger than ever. It would be useful in the future. Keep patient :')
Yeaaaah, life full of love, laugh and also tears, but the tears could be a reminder for us to always resignation and surrender :D I must remember, there's still lotta person love me, treat me well, and helpful. I really want to keep low profile and doing a simple life. Always thankful in every single thing.
God, I just want to be a useful person, that giving benefit to my environment. Please hear me. :)

In Phoenam Cafe
 Then, let's recap today. I woke up in the middle of night, blowing a candle from my parents and my sister, we eat a bread together. In the morning I got a present beside my bed, it's some beautiful shawl. Ah, my family want me to be a stylish hijaber. LOL. And also two postcards arrived from my penpals, one from Nikita (he's male if you know) in Russia and one from Hae Eun in South Korea. How nice, they're postcards coming in my birthday. :) I will reply them soon.
In the afternoon, my boyfriend visit me, he brings a cute notebook (real notebook, the traditional one :p ) as my birthday present. Actually he has no idea what should give to me. I ask him to buy something simple that I can use to write down anything. And voila, this is it! Thank you :D In the evening, we spent our time in Phoenam Cafe. It's a new coffee shop in Klampis, near my home. I recommended this place, because the place is cozy, the price is average and the menus are yummy !
I've surprised because suddenly my bestfriend Hilda come with her new close friend :p

Bestfriend, Cake, Presents

She brought a present, it's a cute photo collages and also a slice of delicious cake. Huge thanks. :)
We're having chit-chat 'till nite, then we went back home. Such a tired day, but I am happy !
Thanks for everybody who already sent messages to me, who mention me in Twitter and write in my Facebook wall. Thank you for every single nice pray :) I love you guys. Wish God always blessing all of you. Thanks God for gimme this life, this breathe! Nobody deserve to ruining my life, my day, my mood. :)



Sunday, September 2, 2012

Try To Have A Healthy Life

If people ask me about my activity recently, I always feel little bit confuse. Well, actually I have no specific activity. Because I already finish all of the subject in college, so I have not attend class again. Also I don't join with any part time job or any kind of organization. Because the only obligation I have now is finish my theses. (skripsi in Bahasa). Like I said in my previous post. Dunno why I can't do it as fast as I hope. Maybe it's true that I'm not really focus in work with it. -.- Poor me! So many distraction around me. (Blame myself!)
Because I have nothing to do and moreoften stay at home, It make me gaining weight. Oooooh It's really scare me. I become more fat and more white. I'm curious that now I look like snowman. O.O
And lucky me, one of best offer site in Indonesia offering discount for gym and swimming in fitness center :D Yeayy!!! So start from early September 'till end of October, I and some of my friends can enjoy full facilities in Araya Fitness Centre, and we only pay IDR 150.000. Happy !
We get similar facilities like full member :p Like fitness and swimming from Monday 'till Sunday, from morning 'till night. We also can enjoy sauna and jacuzzi (my favourite one) 
I have tried to have fitness there twice, and obviously it's crowded enough. The place is not as big as Atlas Fitness Centre, but it's still OK. And also many people join the discount program like me :)))
Do I join fitness because I want to be skinny? Uhm... no. It's not the main reason as we know that it's hard. :)))  I join this because of the discount first, and the second because I want to be healthy. You know that young people and teenager nowadays always eat not-so-fresh and healthy food. I'm afraid if I become weak because I don't force my body to have exercise. 

Maybe you feel curious about what kind of exercise I do there. I'm not working with barbell thingy, I just enjoy treadmill and static bicycle (even I have real bicycle at home ._. ) :D Not yet try the swimming pool, gonna plan swimming soon.

Lil bit worry because after have exercise my stomach feel more hungry. It means I need lot of meal, oh nooo... Must control myself not to eat too much. LOL. Because it would be useless if you do exercise but not accompanied with dietary adjusment. -.-
Sauna and jacuzzi become my favourite one because I can feel relax after it. In my next posting I'll tell you about my experience in sauna. Ha ha.

Gym, fitness centre and swimming pool in Surabaya :
Araya Family Club 
Perumahan Galaxi Bumi Permai B1 - 12 AJl. Arif Rahman HakimSurabaya
Telp: 031 - 591 4800
Atlas Sport Center
Jl. Dharmahusada Indah Barat III No. 64-66,Surabaya 
Telp: (031) 594-5466 
* Celebrity Fitness (no swimming pool)
Galaxy Mall
Tunjungan Plaza
Supermal Pakuwon
* Gold's Gym (no swimming pool)
Grand City Mall Lt LG Big Tenant No.17-19JL Walikota Mustajab,Surabaya
(0)31 51167070

and also you can join with fitness centre in some Hotel in Surabaya such as Sheraton Hotel, Garden Palace Hotel, etc.
FYI, my friend join in Garden Palace Hotel and pay only IDR 1.200.000 for a year. Very cheap !
Just tell me if you have any recommendation place. Happy workout ! :D

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bye August, Ready For September !

Time running so fast, and I try to catch them :))) Well, first I am gonna say goodbye to August. Thanks for gimme so many lesson. :) Yeaaah, so many things happened in past August. People come, people go, happy, angry, sad, dissapointed, mixing in my feeling. But it's OK, I'll take lesson from those experiences.

Then, as many people always do while turn of the month, everybody makes what we called #SeptemberWish. I also have many wish in my head, but I feel lil bit afraid to spell it. Maybe It's enough to keep it for myself and try my best to pass it. :) And September also month for Virgo. For me ! :D I'll getting older. Wow! Wish God still give me chance to reach the ages. :)

Please everybody pray for me. Especially for my graduation. Now, I'm still working with chapter 4. After collected data from questionairre, then I must running SPSS to read the result. Still have lil bit difficult, but I'm sure that I can do this. Aamiin.
Yeaah talk about my study, that's why I post this Polyvore design. This is the dresscode of judgement day in my college. Uhm, I think in almost every college in Indonesia. :D
We must wear white top combine with black pants or skirt and also black pantofel shoes. Seems bored I think. Wish I can wear something colourful. Because colour always sucess to boost my mood. :)
God, I really beg on you. And people thanks for coming and reading.
I'm welcoming for comment, new friend, share story and brainstorming :)


Fight With Black & White

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Everybody Fight For A Better Life

Have you ever feel like lost all of the spirit? Trapped in a lack of motivation situation . Yes, I experienced it several time. The biggest cause is my theses. I never imagine that working with theses can be very hard and difficult. In the beginning, I'm sure that I can pass this process easily. But I got wrong with this. Dunno, is this really hard? Or I just make it harder by myself. Well, so many people around me never stop to support, remind and motivation. But in my deepest heart, I lost the spirit. Geez. Pathetic me -.- I know I must finish it soon. I may not give up . See! All of my friend can pass this. Why can't I?
I have my own way to boost my mood. While I feel extra fatigue and weak, I decide to go out of home. No specific destination, just riding my motorcycle . Thinking, Feeling, Observing . I can meet baker with his bicycle, a woman which push her cart that full of goods, postman that bring so much mail and package, also man who deliver foods from restaurant .

Suddenly my tears fall down, I feel so ashamed. How can they live their life with spirit. They work, do their job, no matter it's rainy or sunny day. They continue life without bargining . no string attached . without forced. Well yeaaa, maybe I'm give up too early. I have comfort life, with enough facilities. I must do better . For my future, for my parents, to contribute something on earth, for humanity, for great life :) Wish me luck then. And please not to put your spirit.
Emmm, I also remember my parents, especially my mom who is a hardworker and strong woman ;) Proud of them anyway .

taken from : pinterest