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About me

Let me introduce myself

A bit about me

Experienced Corporate Communication Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the media and courier service industry.

Skilled in Digital Marketing, Event Planning, Marketing Management, Photography, Business Planning, Microsoft Word, and Advertising. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Marketing/Marketing Management, from Universitas Airlangga.



Personal info

Anindita Pusparani

Senior Digital Media Strategist

Birthday: 15 SEP 1989
Website: www.aninditapusparani.blogspot.com
E-mail: anindita@posindonesia.co.id


Know more about my past


  • February 2018-present

    Senior Digital Media Strategist @ Pos Indonesia

    Oversee and manage the social media presence (organic and paid) of all brands Lead initiative/campaign planning, development, execution and evaluation Identify key insights from research and data that will inform strategy, content and campaign planning Develop creative campaign briefs, ensure that messaging and solutions are strategically sound, meet objectives, and follow social best practices Provide performance reporting and analysis Collaborate and establish trusted relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, from senior leadership to customer service specialists.

  • September 2017-February 2018

    Senior Corporate Representative @ Ministry of State Owned Enterprises

    To propose development plan on behalf of building cohesive and profitable SOE. To be responsible in drafting strategic plan to strenghten SOE branding. To formulate CSR strategy, plan and to supervise CSR operation among SOE. To provide regular reporting on behalf of CSR operation. To manage, execute and formulate CSR activities held by Ministry of SOE.

  • March 2016-September 2017

    Digital Media Specialist @ Pos Indonesia

    To formulate strategic plan on behalf of company publication through digital media platform Build, execute, and manage company social media strategy through research, benchmarking, messaging, and audience identification Develop, maintain, and own responsibility for all company social media pages and profiles. Develop and implement marketing plan and calendar to drive traffic to all digital/social channels. Create and publish content daily. Includes copywriting, designing, and creation of all assets for digital Collaborate with other departments such as marketing, sales, and product development to manage company reputation, coordinate promotions, and increase reach. Work with copywriters and designers to ensure content is informative, appealing, and on-brand.


  • January 2014-April 2016

    @Pos Indonesia Business Development Officer

    To do a strategic business analysis on behalf of service expansion, operation analysis, sales strategic, and project financing. To run market intelligence research. To create feasibility studies on behalf of the project of company. To provide strategic data which are needed by other department of the company in order for the organization to function better. To provide companies performance report.

  • May 2008-March 2010

    @PT Jawa Pos Journalist

    Write in-depth articles about several topics related to youth such as music, style, sport, book and movie discussion, toys, etc. Participate in weekly team meetings to propose new idea. Engage with DetEksi Jawa Pos, one of the largest and most active youth community Held biggest youth convention named DetEksi Convention (DetCon) Held annual basketball league for high school named DetEksi Basketball League (DBL)

  • Education

  • 2008-2013

    Airlangga University Management

    Bachelor Degree of Management. Majoring in Marketing Management.

Skills & Things about me

social media
creative writing
event planning


My latest projects

Organizing Pos Indonesia Internal & External Events

Verifying Twitter Account & Creating Trending Topic

I help Pos Indonesia get verified badge for its official Twitter account. 
Also I start to use certain hashtag and made it Trending Topic.

Social Media Maintenance for Ministry of SOE

During the time I was deployed in Ministry of SOE, one of my tasks was to manage social media account regarding their activities.

Content Creation for Corporate Official Account

Article Writing for DetEksi, Jawa Pos

I used to work as a part time journalist for a well-known newspaper based in Surabaya using initials (dee). I worked directly under Azrul Ananda (founder of DetEksi Jawa Pos). I managed to write several articles with varying topics including music section. I usually interviewed some local musicians or utilized sources from international music sites.

Artikel : Sekilas Tentang Pos Indonesia


Berdiri sejak 26 Agustus 1746, Pos Indonesia merupakan Badan Usaha Milik Negara yang berfokus pada layanan kurir, logistik dan jasa keuangan yang terus berkembang sesuai kebutuhan zaman. Pos Indonesia memiliki kantor pusat di kota Bandung, tepatnya di Jalan Banda No.30. 

Selama 273 tahun Pos Indonesia berkomitmen memberikan yang terbaik dalam hal pengiriman barang dan uang, tidak hanya ke penjuru nusantara tapi juga ke penjuru dunia. Didukung oleh 30.000 karyawan yang tersebar di 24.000 titik layanan, serta didukung armada angkutan yang terlatih dan berpengalaman. Pos Indonesia siap membantu mengirimkan  dagangan pebisnis online sampai ke tangan pelanggan di dalam negeri hingga ke mancanegara, membantu bisnis UMKM bertumbuh juga mengirimkan uang kepada yang tersayang tanpa perlu nomor rekening khusus.

Berbagai pilihan layanan kiriman tersedia di Kantor Pos. 
Layanan Kiriman Domestik : Pos Express, Pos Kilat Khusus, Pos Jumbo Ekonomi , dll
Layanan Kiriman Internasional : EMS, e-Packet, Paket Pos Cepat Internasional, Pos Ekspor, dll
Layanan Keuangan : Pembayaran, Remitansi (Pospay), Penyaluran Dana, Kemitraan Bank, Asuransi, dll

Apabila pelanggan ingin mengecek tarif kiriman atau melacak posisi kiriman caranya cukup mudah, yaitu dengan mengakses laman resmi 
Pos Indonesia di www.posindonesia.co.id
Atau bisa juga dengan menghubungi contact center Halo Pos di nomor 161. 

Agar selalu terhubung dengan pelanggan Pos Indonesia juga memiliki saluran media sosial sebagai berikut, 
Instagram : @posindonesia.ig
Facebook : Pos Indonesia
Twitter : @posindonesia
Youtube Pos Indonesia


What can I do

Brand Campaign

I'l be happy to help set up a campaign for your brand. Let's work together to boost up your brand value.

Social Media Management

Planning. Content Creating. Publishing. Social Media Listening and Monitoring. Yeah, Why don't we do that together?


Playing with words is one of the utmost enjoyable things. I believe that good product or service deserve a good copy, didn't they?

Digital Media Analytics

Don't say it with flower. Say it with data. To make further decision and recommendation, we need insight from media analytics.

Content Creation

On average, social media content has a short lifespan. But it still fun yet challenging process to create a high quality content.

Event Planning

People love to gather, celebrate, and also share moments while I love to organize things. So this called win win situation


Get in touch with me

E-mail : anindita@posindonesia.co.id


Bandung, Indonesia.