Thursday, April 17, 2014

Become An Audience

Hay ! I wanna hug my blog first, since I missed this place very much.

Life's getting harder. Yeah, now I know that a peaceful life is only in imagination. It just a theory. LOL.
Every morning when I wake up I always curious, what will happen today. Ah nobody knows of course. In several point I feel tired enough, but it doesn't mean that I should stop. I just need to breathe and take a break for a while.
Talking about audience, surely all of us have ever become one of them. We've watched movie, game, etc. Do you know what the privilege in become an audience? To talk, to make any kind of comment. Yup, audience also become a free spectator. People too busy make comment, argue, compliment and insult without they know what happen behind the screen. How hard the process is. Or what truly happen. They believe with everything in front them.
Maybe not all of the audience act like that. The other choose to keep silent, to thinking or ignore it. The other choose to follow people opinion.
Being an audience is an easy things, maybe also fun. So, what kind of audience are you?

*I did presentation about my project this morning. And so many task waiting for me. For us.

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  1. keren gan article nya..kunjungi blog saya jg ya gan