Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ramadhan 1434 H : Day #16 Story About Two Sewing Machines

I'm not so surprising that Ramadhan always running so fast. We've already passed a half month of Ramadhan. What about my spiritual progress? Actually I'm not pretty sure about it :p Pleaseeeee don't be someone like me.

I have one very beautiful, great, amazing and cool story that was made by ....

So, this is a story about a woman that has two sewing machine. Those sewing machines are the best quality and technology from the factory even they have different types. Now, I will ask you first, what will you do with those sewing machines? Would you using them together in the same time? Or interchangeably? Or maybe using one of them and keep the other one? Yup, the woman also has several choice, then she decides to use only one, it's the A sewing machine and keep the other or B sewing machine. 

Everyday the woman using A sewing machine to help her makes clothes. The A sewing machines almost never gets a break. It is used day and night. What about the B sewing machines? It's still kept properly and cleaned occasionally but never used. 
Until one day the A machine was broken. And what happen with the B machine? When the woman intend to use the machine B is apparently corroded so it also can't be used. The woman cries, she feels sorry for herself. She suddenly realizes about her wrong choice and regret it. She feels like spent money for useless thing. Because the B machines has never been used at all. 

What kind of conclusion we can take from this? Often the things that we thought good, it was not really that good. We're often too fond of something, treat it too carefully and actually makes it less good. 

Happy fasting anyone!
My life circle's getting wrong again. ._.
Hope I can have my normal sleeping hour soon. :p

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