Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramadhan 1434 H : Day #1

Hello reader! Does anybody miss me? No? Ugh it's OK. Seems like it's only me who miss all of you :)))
Today I already pass the first day of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. Sooooo grateful because I was given chance to meet Ramadhan again :)
Although I  feel sad because the atmosphere is not really like Ramadan in the past. Also again, people keep fighting while determine when is the first date of fasting. -.- Oh My God, why can't they make a solution between two point of view. I can't understand the way they think.

As we already know that Ramadhan is a special month. This is a mercy months that full of forgiveness. So why not to take advantage as much as possible? It's time to reduce our sins and also it's time to improve our faith. I am not that kind of religious person but I try to do the right thing. :)

I think Ramadhan is a busy month even I'm not yet have a specific job. So many things waiting to be done. Such as prepare meal for Suhoor then prepare them again for Iftar. I recommended some activities that we can do during Ramadhan.
* visit mosque and pray in congregation
* spend some time for Dhikr
* reading holy Qur'an
* feeding the homeless
* donate our money, book and clothes
* make some achievement like memorizing Qur'an, Dua, or Hadeeth.
* and so on. (you can add other activities by yourself)

What about me? Uhm, I really busy at home. LOL. :p
Beside doing some household activities I also need much more time to do this and that.
Such as reading, playing, watching korea drama :D and joining contest :p
I want to be productive in this month. I wish I can be a better person after this holy month ;) Aaameen.
Let's worship with humility.
Wish I get a very good news soon :)

Happy fasting for all Moslem around the world. :)

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