Sunday, September 2, 2012

Try To Have A Healthy Life

If people ask me about my activity recently, I always feel little bit confuse. Well, actually I have no specific activity. Because I already finish all of the subject in college, so I have not attend class again. Also I don't join with any part time job or any kind of organization. Because the only obligation I have now is finish my theses. (skripsi in Bahasa). Like I said in my previous post. Dunno why I can't do it as fast as I hope. Maybe it's true that I'm not really focus in work with it. -.- Poor me! So many distraction around me. (Blame myself!)
Because I have nothing to do and moreoften stay at home, It make me gaining weight. Oooooh It's really scare me. I become more fat and more white. I'm curious that now I look like snowman. O.O
And lucky me, one of best offer site in Indonesia offering discount for gym and swimming in fitness center :D Yeayy!!! So start from early September 'till end of October, I and some of my friends can enjoy full facilities in Araya Fitness Centre, and we only pay IDR 150.000. Happy !
We get similar facilities like full member :p Like fitness and swimming from Monday 'till Sunday, from morning 'till night. We also can enjoy sauna and jacuzzi (my favourite one) 
I have tried to have fitness there twice, and obviously it's crowded enough. The place is not as big as Atlas Fitness Centre, but it's still OK. And also many people join the discount program like me :)))
Do I join fitness because I want to be skinny? Uhm... no. It's not the main reason as we know that it's hard. :)))  I join this because of the discount first, and the second because I want to be healthy. You know that young people and teenager nowadays always eat not-so-fresh and healthy food. I'm afraid if I become weak because I don't force my body to have exercise. 

Maybe you feel curious about what kind of exercise I do there. I'm not working with barbell thingy, I just enjoy treadmill and static bicycle (even I have real bicycle at home ._. ) :D Not yet try the swimming pool, gonna plan swimming soon.

Lil bit worry because after have exercise my stomach feel more hungry. It means I need lot of meal, oh nooo... Must control myself not to eat too much. LOL. Because it would be useless if you do exercise but not accompanied with dietary adjusment. -.-
Sauna and jacuzzi become my favourite one because I can feel relax after it. In my next posting I'll tell you about my experience in sauna. Ha ha.

Gym, fitness centre and swimming pool in Surabaya :
Araya Family Club 
Perumahan Galaxi Bumi Permai B1 - 12 AJl. Arif Rahman HakimSurabaya
Telp: 031 - 591 4800
Atlas Sport Center
Jl. Dharmahusada Indah Barat III No. 64-66,Surabaya 
Telp: (031) 594-5466 
* Celebrity Fitness (no swimming pool)
Galaxy Mall
Tunjungan Plaza
Supermal Pakuwon
* Gold's Gym (no swimming pool)
Grand City Mall Lt LG Big Tenant No.17-19JL Walikota Mustajab,Surabaya
(0)31 51167070

and also you can join with fitness centre in some Hotel in Surabaya such as Sheraton Hotel, Garden Palace Hotel, etc.
FYI, my friend join in Garden Palace Hotel and pay only IDR 1.200.000 for a year. Very cheap !
Just tell me if you have any recommendation place. Happy workout ! :D

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