Saturday, September 15, 2012

Reach 23 Years Old

Dear myself,
Let's say thanks to God for every second that still given to me :)
Now I am 23 Years Old. Happy Birthday To Me.
Nothing special in this age, I just feel older. He he.
This year is really full of pressure birthday.
Can you imagine that everybody shout aloud to me, 'Hey when will you finish your theses (skripsi in Bahasa) ?" Or something like this "Oh, you're getting older but not yet graduate. Pity! Poor of you."
Uhm, I feel like I got cyber bullying. :p But thanks a bunch, I know everybody care to me. They concern with my theses. -..- Please everybody pray to me, it's almost finish anymore. I will make it soon. Bismillah.
Incoming Postcard

I think this is a different birthday. Everything changing since my last year birthday. My boyfriend getting busy with his work, my friends already has their own business, and yeaah I've passed so many things.
I know, that I must be more mature, must be a wise person, must be better, a kind and warm person.
This birthday is totally and totally rich with contemplation. First lesson that I should take is, I must being sincere in anything, in any matter. I must stop complaining when something happen out of my control. Even it would hurt me a lot :') God knows the best. Yup, every person has each own way, each own path of life, it won't same each other. Then, another thing that I must learn, when people treat you bad or different, just be patient. Always keep struggle, because it would make me stronger than ever. It would be useful in the future. Keep patient :')
Yeaaaah, life full of love, laugh and also tears, but the tears could be a reminder for us to always resignation and surrender :D I must remember, there's still lotta person love me, treat me well, and helpful. I really want to keep low profile and doing a simple life. Always thankful in every single thing.
God, I just want to be a useful person, that giving benefit to my environment. Please hear me. :)

In Phoenam Cafe
 Then, let's recap today. I woke up in the middle of night, blowing a candle from my parents and my sister, we eat a bread together. In the morning I got a present beside my bed, it's some beautiful shawl. Ah, my family want me to be a stylish hijaber. LOL. And also two postcards arrived from my penpals, one from Nikita (he's male if you know) in Russia and one from Hae Eun in South Korea. How nice, they're postcards coming in my birthday. :) I will reply them soon.
In the afternoon, my boyfriend visit me, he brings a cute notebook (real notebook, the traditional one :p ) as my birthday present. Actually he has no idea what should give to me. I ask him to buy something simple that I can use to write down anything. And voila, this is it! Thank you :D In the evening, we spent our time in Phoenam Cafe. It's a new coffee shop in Klampis, near my home. I recommended this place, because the place is cozy, the price is average and the menus are yummy !
I've surprised because suddenly my bestfriend Hilda come with her new close friend :p

Bestfriend, Cake, Presents

She brought a present, it's a cute photo collages and also a slice of delicious cake. Huge thanks. :)
We're having chit-chat 'till nite, then we went back home. Such a tired day, but I am happy !
Thanks for everybody who already sent messages to me, who mention me in Twitter and write in my Facebook wall. Thank you for every single nice pray :) I love you guys. Wish God always blessing all of you. Thanks God for gimme this life, this breathe! Nobody deserve to ruining my life, my day, my mood. :)




  1. happy 23rd birthdayy ;) may many wonderful things come into your life :D