Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bye August, Ready For September !

Time running so fast, and I try to catch them :))) Well, first I am gonna say goodbye to August. Thanks for gimme so many lesson. :) Yeaaah, so many things happened in past August. People come, people go, happy, angry, sad, dissapointed, mixing in my feeling. But it's OK, I'll take lesson from those experiences.

Then, as many people always do while turn of the month, everybody makes what we called #SeptemberWish. I also have many wish in my head, but I feel lil bit afraid to spell it. Maybe It's enough to keep it for myself and try my best to pass it. :) And September also month for Virgo. For me ! :D I'll getting older. Wow! Wish God still give me chance to reach the ages. :)

Please everybody pray for me. Especially for my graduation. Now, I'm still working with chapter 4. After collected data from questionairre, then I must running SPSS to read the result. Still have lil bit difficult, but I'm sure that I can do this. Aamiin.
Yeaah talk about my study, that's why I post this Polyvore design. This is the dresscode of judgement day in my college. Uhm, I think in almost every college in Indonesia. :D
We must wear white top combine with black pants or skirt and also black pantofel shoes. Seems bored I think. Wish I can wear something colourful. Because colour always sucess to boost my mood. :)
God, I really beg on you. And people thanks for coming and reading.
I'm welcoming for comment, new friend, share story and brainstorming :)


Fight With Black & White

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