Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Favorite Drink Recipe : Creamer Tea

Recent years, milk tea is quite popular in my country. In my town, milk tea sellers popping up with different brands and packaging, especially in shopping centre. An while we visit Supermarket, we can find instant milk tea easily. Even in many restaurant add milk tea as their menu. Some write it as tarik tea. I think tarik tea and milk tea is made from similar ingredients, only we need little different way to make it.
Several times I tried to experiment at home by trying to make milk tea. But it seems like i'm not yet successful, because I haven't found a flavor that really good. Can anyone tell me what kind of milk should I use?
Well, even i'm failed with milk tea but I have another favorite drink that easy to make. Have you ever heard about Nescafe Coffee Mate? No, I'm not going to advertise :p But I can say that Nescafe Coffee Mate is the best creamer ever . It can use in any kind of beverages.

In general, people pour this creamer with coffee. But you can try my recipe. Very easy to do. All you need just make a glass of tea. You can use any kind of tea, your favorite tea. But please use the original one, not tea with various taste. Hot or cold one is not a big deal, depend on our personal taste :D after that, add two tea spoon of nescafe coffee mate . Voila ! Now, you have cremer tea that ready to serve. I love the taste . :)
And I also find that if you pour the creamer with Milo (chocolate malt), you'll have a delicious drink, better than only make Milo. Yummy !!! They really make me addicted with them .
So, what's your favorite drink?

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