Sunday, July 15, 2012

Everybody Fight For A Better Life

Have you ever feel like lost all of the spirit? Trapped in a lack of motivation situation . Yes, I experienced it several time. The biggest cause is my theses. I never imagine that working with theses can be very hard and difficult. In the beginning, I'm sure that I can pass this process easily. But I got wrong with this. Dunno, is this really hard? Or I just make it harder by myself. Well, so many people around me never stop to support, remind and motivation. But in my deepest heart, I lost the spirit. Geez. Pathetic me -.- I know I must finish it soon. I may not give up . See! All of my friend can pass this. Why can't I?
I have my own way to boost my mood. While I feel extra fatigue and weak, I decide to go out of home. No specific destination, just riding my motorcycle . Thinking, Feeling, Observing . I can meet baker with his bicycle, a woman which push her cart that full of goods, postman that bring so much mail and package, also man who deliver foods from restaurant .

Suddenly my tears fall down, I feel so ashamed. How can they live their life with spirit. They work, do their job, no matter it's rainy or sunny day. They continue life without bargining . no string attached . without forced. Well yeaaa, maybe I'm give up too early. I have comfort life, with enough facilities. I must do better . For my future, for my parents, to contribute something on earth, for humanity, for great life :) Wish me luck then. And please not to put your spirit.
Emmm, I also remember my parents, especially my mom who is a hardworker and strong woman ;) Proud of them anyway .

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  1. *puk-puk* we have same situation.. SEMANGAT!! \(^o^)/