Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birthday Greeting For Surabaya

Yohooo... Just wanna scream HAPPY BLAST BIRTHDAY My Dear Hometown SURABAYA. :DD Keep rawk!!! Wish a better city and environment for living :)
This night we are Surabaya citizen make TTWW (trending topic worldwide) in twitter as one of our way to say happy birthday. The trending topic keyword are AKU AREK SUROBOYO #Suroboyo719 . Just see in my printscreen picture below.

And also I made a simple greeting by myself. Use photoshop to help me. Hope you'll enjoy this. :)

Happy Birthday Surabaya . I love this city very much ! :)
Don't even know Surabaya? It's capital city of East Java. And East Java is one of Indonesia province. Go ask Mr.Google for its location :p  *LOL*

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