Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tips : Family Travel With Children

Yohooo... Tommorow is Easter Day and become national holiday in my country. But I have no specific plan to go somewhere. Honestly I really want to have vacation, trip somewhere else, but I can't . Because I must finish my theses (skripsi) first. ._. I'm sure that everybody love traveling. Meet new people, buy some souvenirs, take so many picture :p
Today I found interesting tips for traveling, especially family traveling. I got them from @ClaudiaKaunang 's twitter account. She is an author of traveling book from Indonesia :D I have some of her books. OK, for this time I won't talk about her book. But the tips for having family travel with children based on @ClaudiaKaunang 's tweets.

Here some points to be considered before go :

1. Determine the destination for family-trip, is actually quite difficult. Often the decision to travel is dominated by the wishes of parents.
2. For example, spend long-weekend in Bandung (West Java), but just filled with shopping from one Factory Outlet to another one, without taking children to the Trans Studio.
Or go to Jakarta (Capital City of Indonesia), but only visit its Mall. Though many educational resource for children, such as learning how to draw batik in the textile museum.
3. Traveling with family doesn't need to be expensive. Don't have to go abroad too. What is important, make fun time for children. Not just follow the willingness of parents.* Noted this*
4.  Prepare toys, books, and snacks for children while traveling on the plane / train. Learn about diseases and drugs which must be brought.
5. Save the phone number of a family physician or pediatrician who can be contacted during an emergency.
6. Order foods which is usually consumed by children. Don't take the risk with trying new menu.  
7. Avoid the children became consumptive activities by fill their vacation to the mountains, beaches, museums, countryside, or playground. Not to the shopping place. 
8. Parents are now likely to hand over the child to the babysitter / maid. So that, traveling without babysitter / maid, make them feel burdened. In fact, traveling with children since childhood, can nurture closeness with parents. Especially if both parents work.
9. Don't make the cost as an excuse to bring children go traveling. Because children under 12 y.o can stay in the same room with parent. Children get a special price for a plane ticket / bus / train and tourist attractions. Sometimes there is even a special package price of the family. 


Packing Tips For Family Travel : 

1) Don't forget to scan important document such as: Passport, ID Card, ID Card Works, Student Card, etc. Save and send to our own email for backup.
2) Prepare mentally of children to traveling with sharing about destinations which we are headed, at least a month before departure.
3) Teach children to bring a small backpack which contains: 1 set of clothes, toothbrushes, toys, and books.
4) Make sure to bring drugs which is possibly required by children. Do not store in the briefcase, but in parent's tote bag. 
5) If the goal for Family Travel, parents (especially mother) don't bring many clothes / shoes. Take it as you really need. The selection bag may be such as diaper bag. *Wow, woman without wardrobe? Difficult enough :p*
6) Formation of a suitcase can be like this >> Suitcase 25 "or 29" 1 piece (for parents and children clothes), Tote Bag / Diaper Bag for mother, bags of documents / postman / camera bag for the father, and a small backpack for each child.

I draw the conclusion that traveling brings children is not a hassle. All we need just being patient :) Since I don't have children, so I still want to travel busy with and my parents. :D Also dream to be solo traveler someday :D

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