Saturday, April 7, 2012

Found Payless ShoeSource In Surabaya

Pay less ! Pay less ! Pay less and Get more :p That's general principles adopted by everyone when shopping. Include me. Yup, we want to give minimal sacrifice for maximum results. Then I found a store named Payless in Ciputra World, Surabaya. This store sells a wide assortment of shoes for women, men and children. In addition, the store also sells handbags and accessories.  
As I was walking in Ciputra World, suddenly, I saw the store sign and laughed. I think this store allows us to pay for goods or as much as we can or as we pleased. LOL :p
Then I enter the store, my eyes looked all over the shop. Amazing ! This is the first time I see this kind of shoes store. This shoes store is unique because the different arrangement of goods, not likes another shoe stores in general. Shoes aren't laid out beautifully on a table or shelf display. But arranged in a rack by using its shoe box as well. Stupidly, because i'm too busy to see, me forgot to take pictures inside the store. :p Maybe someday when I visit Payless again. 
Another thing that becomes a plus value in Payless shoe store is they display the shoes based on the size of the foot. So it's not based on brand or model. Brand and model of shoes mixed together in a rack. If we want to find our fit size, just come to the rack number that matches the size of our feet. Easier. Models of shoes are also cute. And that is very important, the price is pretty cheap than other shoes store. Brands on display are not as familiar as these are American brands, the country where it originated Payless stores.
The price range is under IDR 300.000. 
Show Off My Flipflop :p

Happy, because I can found a cheap flipflop. So I and my boyfriend decide to buy two pairs. One for me and one for him. It's Airwalk brand and it's only IDR 60.000. Worth enough because it works good in our feet. :D  
If you want to visit Payless ShoeSource just go to Ciputra World 2nd Floor, Surabaya.
They already have some stores in Jakarta too. 
I think the collections of the official site of Payless slightly different from What I've seen in the store. There's the same stuff and there is not. On the site there is also expensive stuff because it is special created by designer.

Payless ShoeSource official site :

Espadrille Wedges by American Eagle. Wish I could to be taller with this <3



  1. halo ! ada di Royal Plaza, baru buka :D di Cihampelas Walk Bandung juga ada..

  2. Di Sidoarjo juga udah ada, di Sidoarjo Town Square dekat pintu keluar tol Sidoarjo. Dan beberapa gambar yg di situs resmi Payless ada sih yg muncul di store, tp kebanyakan yg sama yg buat kids.

  3. Ada di Tunjungan Plaza 1, Supermall Pakuwon Indah, dan Sidoarjo Town Square juga :D