Sunday, April 1, 2012

Congraduation My Friends !

Ciao ! Today's 1st day in April. Ooh welcome April, Y U come so fast ? :p I won't talk about April Mop tradition, but today I'm really happy because some of my friends attend their graduation ceremony.
Congraduation pals ! Or Congratulation for ur graduation :p
Now, you deserve to put bachelor's degree after your name. I hope we can contribute for our country and make value added in society :) Dooooooon't ask about my graduation :)) Insha Allah I'll make it in the middle of year :D
I give you collage from some photos which taken with my digital camera. Enjoy !

Sooo many friends graduate today. From the left-corner picture it's my cousin, Vini. Then in the corner, start from the left Dini, Nita and April. They are my friend since our first year in college. Uhm, actually Dini and April are my high school friend, then Nita is my junior high school mate. :)) So we're just old friend. In the right corner is Gilang and our friends. And the cute couple is Mufi and her boyfriend. In the center-down are us ! The supporter! :D Two of them already graduate and the other include me would graduate soon. Wish us luck ! Thanks :)
After this graduation, they become job seeker. Hunt the match job for them. I hope they get the best one.
When we talk about graduation there's always a tradition, especially for the ladies. Yup, they must wear kebaya. Kebaya is kind of Indonesia traditional costume, which equipped with a bun. Then also have full make up. Every girl become different, they are feminine and beautiful :) I love to see any kind of kebaya style. Kebaya has various color and style. There is also a tradition to give a bouquet of flowers from family or close friends, though not many do this.
In my opinion graduation ceremony means kebaya, bun, high heels, make up, and the most important, a new life after that. :) 
I saw in some picture that in other country they just wear simple dress and do nothing with their hairstyle when they attend graduation ceremony. Is it right?
So, how's the graduation ceremony in your college?

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