Friday, March 23, 2012

Protect Android To Prevent Lose

Joy and sorrow are part of life. Not always happy, but not always sad. Currently I am feeling pretty sad, because I just lost my beloved android. Precisely on the last Saturday. My post about the loss of this android can be read here 
Well, it's almost a week and still no news about my android. >< What make me feel so regret, I didn't lock my android with code pattern. Because If I did this, nobody can unlock this. Even he or she is an expert programmer. So I suggest everybody who use android to apply this way. 
Then, another regret is I didn't installed any android app to track the presence of my gadget, such as Plan B or Where's My Droid. I'm gonna give you some advice how to prevent your android from missing

1. As I've written above, you should lock your android gadget using the code pattern . Not just lock the screen with an easy sliding wallpaper. (Like I did ! u.u)

2. Install the android location tracking applications. There are various applications that can be selected. For example Plan B, this application is mostly used. It will notice your android last location by send the maps by e-mail. 
This is My (Missing) Samsung Galaxy Y
You can also choose Avast Mobile Security that provide feature to track your android position. 
The other is Avira Free Android Security which specifically designed to help people ensure their personal safety when they are lost or stolen smartphone.With the Avira Security Android, users can lock their smartphone screen from a distance, track the location of the device using assisted-GPS, and monitor the phone battery and other details. Some devices can also be managed from one account, when you have more than one mobile device. All applications are available for free on Google Play.Go to Google Play then install them. 

3.For android that already have "find my mobile" feature can also follow this instruction : Go to Setting > location & security > find my mobile > SIM change alerts, check the option 'SIM change alert'.
So when the android changed hands and replaced with a new simcard, automated service will send an sms to the simcard we have set.

4. This is the most important from all. Always beware! Be careful and don't be careless. Especially in crowded public places. I hope nobody get the same bad experience just like me. :)

I'm trying to sincere. And hopefully get a better one. Maybe someone would give me Tab or iPad for free :p But what actually makes me more sad is the data, my notes and photos in it. Maybe the person who took the android want return my data (?) :)

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