Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pinterest, Another Fun Way To Play

Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google +, Then what next called Pinterest. Yeayy, lately I have new hobby, try to use Pinterest as another Social Media to play with. Really interesting :D
If I want to looking for inspiration or refresh my idea, all I need just type a keyword in Pinterest then I can see so many unique and great picture. I also can collect them in my own gallery or called board.

So, what is Pinterest? It's an online bulletin board to display pin images or photographs, that may change the behavior of computer and internet users, especially women.

Pinterest popularity continues to climb every day. For 6 (six) months in 2011, traffic Pinterest experienced jumps to 815%. On November 2011, Pinterest immediately get into the top 10 social networking sites are most frequently visited. Pinterest total number of visitors reached 31.7 million people.

Although Pinterest was relatively young, it also bring huge traffic to the business and brand owners, was third after the Twitter and Facebook. One of the services that make the new site to be excellent for business is its ability to share images that are suitable for promoting the product.
Pinterest, whom Time magazine included in the list of 50 Best Sites 2011 to the category of social media turned out to save a lot of interesting facts. For example, statistics on the number of visits to their sites, that 97% of them on Facebook enthusiasts turned out to be female.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, reportedly also already have an account Pinterest. Facts about the ability Pinterest in encouraging increased visits to advertiser sites and sources Pinterest the photos scattered through this new social network, also emerged as one of the information.

Some companies are take advantage of Pinterest to do marketing strategies. They put picture of their products there and advertise it implicitly. Even there is also a marketing competition that utilize the function of Pinterest.

Many people worry that the presence of Pinterest will increasingly lead to copyright piracy, especially for photographic work. But I think every social media certainly has advantages and disadvantages. To avoid piracy we should work to protect our images so that won't easily stored or copy by other parties.

Infographic from Online Schools will explain the facts and figures from Pinterest.

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