Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's Called French Vanilla !

Gonna tell you about my another guilty pleasure. Please welcome, Nescafe French Vanilla . Tadaaa...
Lemme say that I'm not Nescafe ambassador :] Not mean to advertise or promote too. But I can't lie that this Nescafe French Vanilla has a very great taste. Sluuurrrpppp!!!
Yeaaaa, when I'm not in a good mood this coffee become my mood booster. <3

Nescafe ready to drink with this packaging can be found in 3 variants, Coffee Cream, French Vanilla and Caramelicious. I prefer Coffee Cream and French Vanilla than Caramelicious. That's why I always choose between both of them. 
The latest update, Nescafe  add a new variant named Mochaccino, if I'm not mistaken has a package with a combination of black and purple color. But I think it's not too good. The taste is rather odd, depend on my personal taste :p
Maybe I should reduce my habit of drinking coffee, eventhough I'm not drinking black coffee. But almost every day I drink coffee. Is this good for health?