Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Barbie !

This post dedicated for Barbie. Happy Birthday 53th ! Yes, I grow old with Barbie :D I buy its doll, even not an original one :p Because of its expensive price of course. *LOL*
But I bought the original clothes for my doll, some accesories, watch Barbie Movie Series, collect its card, and what I love very much, played Barbie games with My Playstation :D I love to dress them up. Aaah I got jealous because Barbie has a beautiful face and hair. She's really perfect as a woman :p But now I am so consider Barbie's body shape, which I think are too skinny. Is she anorexic? Poor her. I hope Barbie can have a more fat body :p 
Barbie born in New York on March 9, 1959. So she is a Pisces girl.. :)) This is what I love about Barbie,
- I can become anything I want while I played them. Yes, Barbie has a lot of career. What a hectic life she has. I can imagine being a student, doctor, model, and I like most is pretending to be a career woman.
- Barbie has a beautiful smile, beautiful face, beautiful stuff ! Everything about Barbie is beautiful. =))
- I can put it various kinds of clothes. Barbie is always fashionable and trendsetter.

Whoaaa.. I'm missing play Barbie Game in Playstation and have another Barbie doll. With my age, do I still deserve to play Barbie dolls? :D 
the first edition of Barbie. I don't like the face :p

the most expensive one called Canturi Barbie. its pricing about $540,780.

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