Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gift Subscription From Times Bookstores

Really grateful to the Times Bookstores that have presented me with a free subscription to The Jakarta Globe newspaper for 3 months. I know this win accidentally. Some day ago I was idly looking for my name through Google. Then I found my name listed in the announcement of the prize-winning Times Bookstores. I do not feel that the holding had to follow the quiz. Only later did I remember filling out surveys about the Reader's Choice Award 2011. The survey ask me about books, magazines, newspapers, and favorite authors from inside and outside the country. It may be from filling the survey then I won the prize. Wow! I did not expect and was thrilled. It's already 2 weeks, every day I got a shipment of The Jakarta Globe. 3 months free subscription is quite advantageous. I can learn English from this newspaper. Who want to gimme some of my favorite magazine free subscriptions? *LOL*


Talking about the quiz, I just love take a quiz as fun. This hobby begins since elementary school. Once first quiz that I follow from one of kids radio. I get various prizes, ranging from umbrellas, tapes, vitamins for children, wall clocks and much more. Anyway, I also won a valentine quotes quiz from one of teenage magazines. The prize is just an agenda, but I am very happy to receive gift shipment from Jakarta. I rarely participate in quiz while I'm junior high. Then during high school I joined the quiz several times, ever got a few CD tracks.  

And the biggest prize is a free shopping at two million five hundred thousand dollars from the Deteksi, Jawa Pos. The prize is shocking the whole school. Everybody know me and ask me to give them some merchandise. Because of my photos while shopping was coverage and published in the newspaper. I can see a picture of me posing with all of those stuff. It's really embarrassing. But I am also happy to be shopping for shoes, handbags, clothes, watches, all for free. Lucky me! Ask me if you want to see that newspaper edition :)) 
Several months back I like to follow the quiz. But this time it is more simple because quite come through twitter. I've been several times received gift, including books from the publisher and the author itself, a free meal voucher from De Jawa Kitchen, Surabaya and Kemang, Jakarta, the telephone credit from Enervon C, hat and bag from Lee Cooper, biscuit products from Oatbitsku, shopping vouchers from Promag , and others. There is also a gift that I do not accept 'till now, it is merchandise of Enervon C.
In addition to the quiz, I also won a giveaway of some blogs that I visit frequently. I got a variety of hand crafted gift from them. All of them are funny and artistic.
When compared with those who did become quiz hunter, my gift was not nothing. But I am not a hunter quiz, I took the quiz just to fill time.

I am grateful with what I got, and do not regret it if it does not win.
Although I do not refuse if there is a reward DSLR cameras, tab, or a free vacation. LOL. Want to try and take the quiz as me? Just try it, then share to me. :)

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