Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Postcard After A Long Time

How do you communicate with others in the modern era?
Yap, we have so many way to keep in touch with other. :)
Mention it, BBM (blackberry messenger), text message, instant messenger, social media (twitter, facebook, etc). Life become easier with technology. But today I got simple happiness from conventional way in communicate. I received a postcard. Hurrayy!!! This postcard (OK, a real one, not an electronic via internet :p) sent by Mba Ika Vantiani. Find her on here and here
Actually, this postcard is the second item that I've gotten from her. One year ago I got a gift for winning a giveaway held by her. Post about that giveaway can be found here.

So, how's the story until I got this postcard? A week ago, mba Ika tweet, who want to receive a postcard from her. I am one of her follower that respond it. I send her my address via Direct Message. 
And tadaaaa!!! I got this lovely three kitten :3 How cute they are! Worth enough to be collected.
I think I will start to send my own postcard too. And I also want to learn how to make handmade postcard by myself. Seems interesting to go to post office then choose any kind of postages. :D

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