Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Facing The Rise In Fuel Prices In Indonesia

The increase in fuel prices were subject to hot debate in Indonesia today. All TV stations and media broadcast the same news, about the social unrest caused by rising fuel prices. Because of this price increase would usually be followed by increases of raw materials and other consumer goods.
If you ask me, I will say whatever the best for this country we must agree with it. Although i'm not yet working, the fuel price increases also take effect for me. But I think the government would not carelessly make policy, they must have been well thought out and considered. Throughout this would give positive impact, we should think about how to deal with rising fuel prices.
Rising Price of Fuel in Indonesia

Here are some tips from me,
1. Life more saving  
To avoid
dizziness when rising fuel, better start now adjust your spending anymore. Meticulous in buying goods. Sort the among the the items required or just wanted. Better resist the urge and use the money for more important things.
2. Recycling items that are still worth using
Let's not immediately decide to buy new stuff just because we feel bored, or because there was a little broke. During the broken can be repaired, do not buy new stuff. Similarly, goods that are not used can be enabled for anything else. Think creative! 
3. Looking for extra money
Better we immediately look for ways to earn extra money. Whether it's by selling food, work part time or another. If we just rely on money salary, this will only make the family's financial crisis. Before the bankruptcy, quickly find another job to earn extra money! 
4. Invest our income
Start investment in various forms. There is a regular savings in the bank, some are open deposits, there is a take insurance. You need to think about whether investment in any form. With the investment, you have a current reserve funds are needed for unexpected needs, for example: a family member is sick, signing up schools and other children. 
5. Reduce the use of motor vehicles
Due to the use of the vehicle is still dependent on fuel, when fuel prices increases we must be wise to use the vehicle. Do not travel if it is not really necessary. Or it could be put on a vehicle together. So the cost is more economical. 

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