Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nice Beginning in Early February

Tense Atmosphere ><
If there is a harmonious couple  title, that title for now I ordain for Nita at Wilis. Can be called harmonious, because they came from the same concentration of Operations Management, they complete the thesis together, have same faculty advisor, then sign up the exam thesis and do the exam together at the same day. He he. : D
Incidentally, thesis
exam schedule for today only two of them. I have advised them immediately insisted the ceremony held in front of the examiner that the lecturers could also be a witness: p
The first turn is the thesis presentation  by Willis, Nita's turn next. Approximately 11 am session of the two completed thesis. Nita has resigned so that she failed to repeat the exam. But today I am feeling good, I am optimistic that both of them would pass this well.
A tense moment, the announcement of the results of the exam. All supporter include me are allowed into the room. Mr. Hermawanto or called Mr. Hen who served as the giver of the verdict. Dag dig dug. Pak Hen plainly said that all of the examiner felt sorry for both of them failed, both Willis and Nita are equally failed to get the value 90. -, - Willis only got 75 or thesis assessed value of A. While Nita suggested revisions and immediately schedule a meeting the examiner. At that time the situation was really tense. All supporter in the room could only look at each other. Nita got a very pale face, she nodded resignedly. At the end of the sentence Mr. Hen said, Nita must be revised because she's just get the value of AB and passed. -, - Fiuuuuhh .. Alhamdulillah.Why must they make people scare to announce a graduation. Congratulations for you guys, Nita and Willis. Very happy for you both. This is really a good start in beginning February. Hey February be nice please ! :)

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