Friday, February 10, 2012

February Wishlist !

Quite a long time I wanted to have SLR cameras. Actually, not because of my hobby in photography. But I like to be photographed rather than taking pictures. He he. Just kidding. I like to shoot a lot of objects and image quality of digital cameras still have not been able to match the quality of a DSLR. Because the price is not cheap for my pocket, then I should be saving to buy it first. This desire already forgotten because my savings never increased. He he.
Then I saw this camera and I really crave it. Call her DSLR Pentax K-r. The camera is so cute because it's available with various color options. One of my favorite fashion bloggers have bought it. Have a peek at her blog post about this camera. Or you can visit Pentax official site while we can customize the color of camera body, grip and lens color. So much fun ! :D Who wants to throw lot of  money for this camera to me? Or throw me with the camera directly? :p 

capture from here

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