Monday, January 2, 2012

Sinusitis VS Final Exam

Today is the first day of my semester final exam. I really hope this would be the last as I become an undergraduate student. Don't know why, but I just realized that the everytime ahead of the exam or in the middle of the exam, my sinusitis always relapsing. Rarely I underwent exams in a good health condition

Sinusitis is not a new stuff for me. I'm aware of this disease since sixth grade in elementary school. At that time I experienced a cold continuous and long time recovery. After being checked by the doctor I stated having sinusitis. I don't really understand what's sinusitis, doctors just say there is abnormalities in my nose. While my friends were always commenting that I'm always cold everytime and never recovered. :]

After grow older I were starting to understand with sinusitis. Moreover, some people around me also suffered from a disease that bumps into same. Sinusitis is indeed unlike cancer, not as danger as it. But still, who would want to hurt? All activities so hampered due to frequent bedrest

If asthma is airway narrowing down which handed down genetically, sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinus cavities in organs including the breath channel that could be caused by many things, and it could happen by anyone. Sinusitis can occur due to infection by bacteria and viruses in the air, germs in the upper jaw teeth that daylight raid, or the respiratory tract congestion due to the large tonsils.

People who have low body endurance tend to have problems in the sinus cavity due to bacteria and viruses likely to be easier enter. Sinusitis in people who live in urban areas tend to occur because of an infection in the nasal cavity. Allergies make secretions (mucus) accumulates in the sinus cavity and invite bacteria to enter and grow. Bodily fluids that protein is the most suitable for growing bacteria. When it's infected with bacteria, sinusitis will easily spread to other sinus cavity and lead to complications.

Sinus cavity consists of four parts, namely maksila (on the cheeks), etmoid (in the area of the eye), frontal (in the area of the forehead), and spenoid (in the area of the eye). If not immediately treated, the infection in the sinus cavity will be one easy to spread and infect the vital organs, bearing in mind the position of the sinus cavity is very close to the eyes and brain.

Recognize the symptoms of sinusitis by:
1. whether there is always a ripple felt in the throat, such as the liquid in the cavity of the nose to fall down.
2. nasal congestion and itching.
3. There is a smell of each breathing.
4. sneezing
5. a runny nose with a distinctive white viscous. If the color is yellowish secretions or greenish, then even germs in the secretions are a lot more. While the secretions on allergies is white, nodes, and liquid. 6. headaches because of the secretions in the sinus cavities in the head.

To perform initial prevention, should strengthen the body's endurance by keeping a diet and a healthy lifestyle. Well, these all what I can share about sinusitis :) Have a healthy life fellas !