Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rainy Saturday

Rain began to fall regularly every evening. Just like this Saturday, I am stuck inside the house because rain falls heavily. So I can't go everywhere. Lil bit bored, but it’s OK. I can have some interesting chit-chit. :)
Yeaah, we can’t prevent or predict the rain; it may get off at any time. But we must remember, our bodies need to be maintained in order to stay healthy. Due to the rainy season is identical to the body that is easily attacked by the disease. Some tips to stay healthy in the rainy season:

1. Choose foods that are healthy and nutritious. Perhaps many of us, include myself, less concern with our daily food menu. Whereas the food that goes into our bodies is essential to form immune. My advice, eat fruit and vegetables as much as you can.
2. Always providing a raincoat and umbrella. Both of these things are useful to protect us when the rain suddenly went down. Bring a folding umbrella for simple. And choose a raincoat that fit with the size of the body, not too small or too large. Because we often forget this stuff, just write down in our cell phone reminder.

3. Maintain cleanliness of the body. To avoid skin disease or other diseases that may arise, we should seek more hygienic. Frequently wash our feet, hands and face. Also don't be lazy to take a shower. :)

4. Bring a jacket or sweater. Both of these things help warm the body. Select a cute jacket or sweater, to keep us looks fashionable. And this also become a reason for us to do some shopping. He he.

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And for addition, don’t forget to carry a plastic bag inside the main bag. This object can be used to protect important items from wet or damaged because exposed to the water.
The rainy season would still last longer. Simply we enjoy it. Although I always afraid of heavy rains that accompanied by high winds and lightning. Likewise, feel so sorry when the flood struck some particular area. Hopefully the victims get the best aid.


  1. jangan malas mandi ?tapi kan dingiiin ...

  2. pake aer anget dong mbaaa .. :D mandi uap kan ndak dingin :p