Thursday, January 5, 2012

Passion. Obligation. Destination.

Today I found out one thing that gets me no figure, suddenly I feel like losing my words. This incident made me reflect. It is actually still about the same old things, between obligation and passion
Then I was surprised when opening Diana Rikasari's blog who was discussing a similar thing. As there was chemistry between us, maybe both of us are twin sisters who were separated. :p
-OK, stop the drama.-
I really agree with the content of her post.
Don't ever blame our situation, if the obligation to study at the college for example, in contrast to the passion we are going to other things. The principles of my life is everything has to be balanced. It should not be one-sided. It doesn't mean that two different things could not walk together. We should not ignore obligation simply because we feel dislike it, and choose only do something because we like it. Out loud I said that it was selfish.
Dreamcatcher Wall Decor by Kimilatta

The image I post here taken from one of my junior college photo gallery in her facebook. Uh oh, Now I look like a true stalker :p  This craft is called Dreamcatcher made by herself and for sale. She has her own brand i.e. Kimilatta. Just visit her Facebook Page. :)
Dreamcatcher is an objects to ward off nightmares. Can be ordered in the form of necklace or wall decor. I salute with her creativity. I think create something different is not that easy. Not merely imitate but also able to develop. My junior in college is one example of people who found passion in the field of fashion and craft stuff, but keeps running her obligations as a student. About Dreamcatcher I want to have one, but still confuse of which one should be choosen.
None of knowledge is not useful in this world. All knowledge is definitely useful. Trust me.
Match our passion with our obligation to reach our destination. :D

The following quote is my favourite sentence that I took from Diana's blog:

Don't use "passion" as an excuse to miss out on other things life has to offer. Don't just live in your own passion-bubble and not touch other worlds. Be out there and stay current.

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