Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Quote of The Day

Two subjects have done and two other still waiting. Geez, I'm so nervous with my Exam. I really hope for perfect score, so that I feel so worry if in the end I will dissapointed. Rain falls down on Saturday Nite. :) It's OK, not so hard rain, just a common one. My mood swinging today, and my cough still stay in my body. Uwoooo... When will you go?

Quotes of The Day :

When we sincerely love our brothers and sisters, 
then it will exceed our sense of love on the money and property.

We must be happy while having siblings. Treat them well, never wait until we regret it. If our siblings did a mistake, we may not blaming her/him. Just remind her/him with a nice word. Simple :)

Oooh task, so sorry I must pending you until my final exam over. Be patient. (:

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