Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello-Goodbye (!)

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Say goodbye to yesterday and just say hi to our 2012 new year. Don't ask me what my resolution this year, because my resolution this year is running my last year resolution. Haha. Because some of them can't accomplish well. For example, driving my own car.Oh geez, I really desperate in my driving exercise. OK, don't discuss it at this time. :D
Just like last year, I did not create or join with any celebration on new year's Eve. I chose to be a good girl who stay at home. Yes, I think stay at home during the new year is a wise choice. Because a lot of good movies played on TV and I don't need to spend money at all. He he. While waiting for the turn of the year, I made Chocolate Balls or I called it Choco Bitterballen. This is the second time I practice the recipe. Everybody loves it because it tastes sweet and delicious. Here I will share the recipe of choco bitterballen made by me.

1 pack of Regal Biscuits.
Sweetened condensed milk.
Chocolate sprinkles for coating.
All these materials can be obtained at the supermarket.

How to make: 
Make biscuit regal become flaky. Add sweetened condensed milk while stir until evenly distributed. The dough is made depend on our taste, adding more milk will make it sweet. Take the dough using the hands, then form into a spherical shape. Last come out roll on top-up to an average of around chocolate sprinkles surface. Voila! Choco bitterballen ready to serve. With this  recipe I could make about thirty pieces choco bitterballen. Happy cooking and happy new year!

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