Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good News From Indonesia : Support Our Local Brand !

One more good news and boasts come from my country. This time came from the field of transport. Students of the SMK 2 vocational school and SMK Warga in Solo  success assembles SUV car which are not inferior than foreign-made. The car given name with Kiat Esemka. Wow, very proud of them.
Solo Mayor Joko Widodo or Jokowi as he is popularly known, was using a car assembled by them. His deputy, F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo, is using the same car. I think this should be a good way in love and appreciate our domestic product. :)
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There is nothing wrong with proudly wear product from our own country. Because so far, we tend to be more proud when being able to wear famous brands from other countries. Talking about quality, in my opinion Indonesia does not lose with the others. Although for the design and management still has lot of task to changing and re-arranging. All we need is chance and full support from the government and also our environment. Then, just prove it!
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Let's mention some great local brands. We have Petersaysdenim, in Food and Beverages Section, Equil as Bottled Drinking Water, Indomie, Le Monde, Terry Palmer and many more. Then our local fashion also has good progress just now. Even the Minister of Industry give full support for the creative industries. It would be a great loss if we squander the nation's own potential and assets, precisely sell them to foreigners.
Come on start to consume local product and spread this to other.  (:

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