Saturday, December 31, 2011

Applied Henna on My Hand

I'm sure there have been many who know and hear about henna. But apparently there are still many mistaken between henna and mehndi. Henna is the name of the plants used for drawing. Whereas mehndi is the art of applying henna on the skin.
Here's what crank I did towards the end of the month of December. Drawing my hands use mehndi technique. When I accompany my mother to go shopping,one of the stall provide services drawing with henna. Mother ask me to beautify hands with henna . Of course I agree because mother would pay this for me. He he. Finally two pieces this flower is attached at my hand. I choose a simple one, because if I select full design I will looks like India bride :p Do you know its rates are very cheap, ranging from five thousand rupiahs based on the level of difficulty.
I have experienced drawing hands one of my cousin at her graduation day. The result looks very amateur, because it's my first time.
In my town, drawing hand with henna still not a common thing. We need enough high confidence. And if you want to get henna stuff easily just looking for at the Ampel market.
And wow, I suddenly realized that we'll have a farewell with 2011. Are you ready in facing new year, guys?

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