Thursday, October 27, 2011

Today's Our National Blogger Day !

Good Nite!
Heeyyoo everybody. I know that I'm definitely not the first that write about this.. But I want to wish you, Happy National Blogger Day! (Is it right? Selamat Hari Blogger Nasional in Bahasa :p ) I am proud to be one of local blogger, who was until recently still want to write a blog for personal interest only. 
I wrote my first blog in 2007, when it was still very booming Friendster, then I use the blog facilities which they provide. The contents? It's looks like my diary which full of teenagers stuff and problem. He he. I never expect before there also visitor who read and write comments. It was amazing and fun. 
I also ever make someone get mad at me. Because I prefer to tell my problem there than to say directly to the person. To the extent that we have a fight because he did not like our issues published to the public. And it is true. Since then I learned to filter the re-writing that I want to show. 
Until now I've got quite a lot of blogs. It's on wordpress, posterous, tumblr, even on blogspot I have  three accounts. He he. I want to keep writing, improve the quality of the content of my posting. Learning from many cool bloggers. The most important also to determine the focus of my writings. And I hope that the activity of blogging could be sustainable growth in the future.

Well, Lemme say, Happy Reading and Keep Blogging ! :D

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