Monday, May 9, 2011

Repost : Won Giveaway. Yaiyyy!!!

Really sorry for my late post. Since my life getting so hectic. He he. And also I don't know why, but something error happen with my blogger domain in this link . So, I decide to write my post in this posterous.
Thank you very much to Asri Radhitanti who have chosen my name as winner of her giveaway competition . I just join the quiz on her blog then my name was selected. Then I get a handmade journal and greeting card. You can see it in my picture. (:
Who's Asri Radhitanti? She's owner of Kotak Emas Design. Find her here >>
She's very creative and talented in art. :D I hope someday I can start my own bussiness like her. (:
Good luck for ur bussiness, miss. (:

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