Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Officially Twenty One (:

Thank's Allah, I'm Twenty One Years Old today. Rite, I'm getting older! Oh no, must being more mature!
Still continue my last year wishing, I'll pray the same. (:

Thanks for my beloved mommy, daddy, and sister who give me a lil surprise.
Also thanks to ask, nie, and hil who succesful make my day feel bad with those kind of busy stuff (We become lecturer in a journalism training. It's my first experience). Hehe. But then they give me a cute surprise.
Hey you, what a nice midnite call (: You're the first who congratulate me after my family.
Many pray come, via short message, twitter, and facebook.
I hope they really give me good pray. No special gift, but all of this attention is much more valuable than anything. Many thanks (: God I love U.

picture taken from here

Let me rise and shine.
No one can extinguish the flame of my fire.
Because I'm strong and brave.

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