Monday, June 14, 2010

First Wedding Party @June

Hell-o, congrats Mas Dimas & Mbak Dyah for ur wedding. :)
It hold in Islamic Centre, 13th June 2010. at 19.00.
A simple party, with much food to eat. Ahahaha.
But I forgot to capture the kuade x(
So, mas Dimas is my Senior at Paskibra SMAN 6 Surabaya.
Once more, congratulation !

Third of us (Helmy, Dedet, Revi) are 14th Generation in Barisan Bendera. The other member from my generation cannot come to this reception.

This is the souvenirs. Its a stuff to put candle on it. Nice one !

Found this link, for everyone who wanna prepare your own wedding.
Mine? Oh no, still some next year later. :D


  1. wedding, friends and capture the moments ... aahh ... hehehehe, kamu kok gak pernah diajak masmu dateng ke wedding sih ? kita kan jadi gak pernah bersua :p

  2. hahaha, pertanyaan seratus juta rupiah. :D ditanyakan sama yg bersangkutan aja yaaah. mungkin saya masih di bawah umur. -.-