Sunday, May 23, 2010

Graduation Nite with A Lady Rocker :D

Hello bloggie woogie. . .
What do you think about Senior High School?
Full of pleasant memories, rite?
And last nite is my lil sist farewell party with her school-mate.
Yeaaa, as a good old sis, I decide to help her dress up.
Beside practice my hobby in fashion and style (disaster?)
Oh sorry dear for become my victim :P
So, here we are.

dress (my own), latex cropped jacket (my own),
legging (mom's), nine cm heels (my own)

tinkerbell necklace (lil sis), shell clutch bag (mom's)

Not to bad I think.
She's looks pretty cool with that latex jacket which is my friends always tell me that I look alike tukang ojek, penyanyi rock, and also penyanyi dangdut. -.-
But sometimes I feel confuse where to wear that jacket, just love to have it but seldom to wear. :D

Aye aye, CONGRATULATION for everyone who have graduated. So proud of you. (;


  1. uwaowwww...keren-keren! Dek Dita blognya keren! it's so 'You!'..i think i've missed alot and now you've became a great writer ;)

    keep it going lil sis! :D come visit my blog too anytime ;)

    btw, I'd like to follow your blog, i just can not find the followers link..

  2. forgot to tell you that I rarely come to my blogger now, but you caan check out this one : ;)

    see you later, lil sis

  3. hei mbak, nice to meet you here. thanks for visit. great writer? nope, just don't compliment me too much. *LOL* okay, i'll visit ur. :D