Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Friendship Dinner Together

Dunno where to start. But maybe this is a very hard confession for us. Love to know that everything gonna be all rite since last nite. Insya Allah.

I, Hil, and Ipeh went out together. The choice is Hachi-hachi Bistro @Tunjungan Plaza. My first time to try their menu. Forgot those kind of food name, it seems something called "Volcano Rolls".A very delicious cheese which is melting in my mouth. So, I heart Ocha Tea very much. Hmmm... Thanks to Ipeh.
The price is cheaper than Sushi Tea. But they have different taste anymore.
Lemme know, there are some menu that must be trying next time.

And then, after dinner i went to SMAN 2 Surabaya. Have a lil bit interview with Vierra Band. What a pity, we can't get many information from them. Because of the time limit. =(
Thank you very much for comittee of Daf Smada which let us met Vierra. Good luck pals

=love doesn't exist for now=

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